Sunday, November 29, 2015

Did the American Arab Throw a Bomb in King George Avenue?

In 1938?

He claimed he was innocent.


Reversionary Narrative in Quotation Marks

I am sure that you like me sees too many quotation marks around words in news stories as if somehow the action or item didn't really exist or, at the least, you needn't believe it happened or was.

I spotted a new one in a NYTimes story on ‘The Complete Works of Primo Levi’ by Edward Sonnov:

Primo Levi studied chemistry at Turin and worked as a chemist until, at 24, he joined the Italian “partisans” resisting the Nazi occupation of northern Italy in 1943.

Thank God they didn't include resisting in those quotation marks.



At the urging of JS, I sent a letter to the Public Editor of the NYT:

​Why was partisans​ placed in quotation marks?
Is the NYT suggesting that partisans did not exist?  Or that Italian partisans did not exist? Or that they should have been termed "anti-Nazi militants"?
I see that in the style guide the use of quotation marks can me someone does not fully agree with the use of such a word encased in quotation marks.  Who doesn't agree with the use of partisans to describe ... partisans?

Terror Is The Real Occupation

Here is Marwan Barghouti last month

The real problem is that Israel has chosen occupation over peace

In March, Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, told a conference of liberal activists in Washington

“An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end...Israel cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely.”

Here is Richard Falk, the UN's Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories in 2012:

In the light of the General Assembly’s recognition of Palestine as a nonmember observer State in Assembly resolution 67/19 of 29 November 2012, it seems appropriate to refer to territory under Israeli occupation as “Palestine” rather than as “Occupied Palestinian Territories”. Such a shift in language also emphasizes the inadequacy of the international law framework available to address a condition of prolonged occupation that has now extended for more than 45 years.

There's even a video "It's the Occupation".

Here is one Michael Kramer, which pushes back the date of the start of the "occupation":

Occupation of Palestine started in 1948

And an Arab site writes of

 within the Green Line—the territories under Israeli occupation since 1948

The official site of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asks

Which Came First - Terrorism or "Occupation"?

Despite all this, the real occupation that occupies the Arabs, and consequentially Jews and their supporters, is terror.  That is their occupation.

Since 1920, terror is the political tool of violence of the Arab residents of Eretz-Yisrael.  Not negotiations.  Not diplomacy.

There is no compromise.  No coexistence.  They will not yield.

If anyone reading this seeks to assist those Arabs-who-refer-to-themselves-as-'Palestinians', liberate them from their terror mindset.  Free them from their self-imposed occupation of death and murder.


Friday, November 27, 2015

New Term Discovered

Meandering, I found this term, actually applied to Ted Hughes, but I think I will find a way to use it discussing Palestinianism.


Palestinianism is the ideology which suggest there is a nationalism for a group of Arabs-who-refer-to-themselves-as-'Palestinians' and which, at its essence, denies the existence of a Jewish People, with its history, religion, culture and history who possess an historic homeland.


Hearing "Shev" (Sit, in Hebrew) on American TV

The television is on and we hear "Torah" and then "shev".  And it turns out it is An Unjust Death, the first episode of Breakout Kings season

Damien Fontleroy, an inmate in his 30s, sits in his cell, running his fingers across the pages of a book, reading and mumbling Hebrew to himself. A guard arrives and tosses a package into Damien's cell. Damien tears open the package to find the Torah. The guard tells Damien not to expect any special privileges once he's converted. Now alone, Damien tears open the book's spine to reveal the long, flat, leather strip inside. A small smile crosses his face...

Damien rips the elastic band from his underwear, and cuts a hole in the bottom of a water bottle that has been cut in half. He then burns two plastic spoons into sharp points and runs a string from the elastic band, now fastened to two posts of his bunk and drawn back like a bow.

Later that night, Damien moans in pain drawing a plainly annoyed guard to his cell. Damien tells the guard that he thinks he has food poisoning and convinces him to open the cell door. Before the guard can get inside, Damien ducks and kicks the string, which releases the drawn elastic strap, firing the two sharp-pointed spoons into the guard's throat. As the guard collapses, Damien takes his keys and makes a run for the roof.

...Ray, still reading over Damien's file, is amazed to find out that Damien learned Hebrew after he found out that the K9 unit had been trained in Israel.


Biblical Diplomacy Suggested?

From a review of Secretary John Kerry's latest efforts:

Netanyahu and Abbas both doubled down on their positions and refused to take even the most minimal step to restore calm,..Kerry’s meeting with Abbas was no better. Sources briefed on it said Abbas refused to take even minimal confidence-building measures like condemning stabbing attacks, or at least not voicing support for the perpetrators. Abbas kept asking what Kerry had brought him from Netanyahu, and when he realized the answer was nothing, he began threatening to turn the keys of the PA over to Israel or start new diplomatic and legal campaigns against Israel at the United Nations.Afterward, Kerry phoned Netanyahu while en route to the airport and told him, “I’m out of ideas,” a source briefed on the conversation said.
The White House had already concluded that Netanyahu and Abbas were a lost cause, but now, Kerry’s aides are coming to the same conclusion.
“Our begging and pleading isn’t helping,” one American official said. Maybe what’s needed is simply for the situation on the ground to force the sides to take action.”

And Abner said to Joab: 'Let the young men, I pray thee, arise and play before us.' And Joab said: 'Let them arise.'


Thursday, November 26, 2015

The LATimes Can't Vet Its Op-eds for Facts?

In writing "Palestinian denialism, while existent and problematic, is a function of politics. If anything, there’s evidence to show that Palestinians did not deny the Jewish connection to the land until it was used to justify Palestinian dispossession after the creation of modern Israel in 1948."  I am not accusing Munayyer of racism for this but simply total misrepresentation, defactualization of history and  propagandizing.

The first Jew to be killed for obtaining a license to purchase property in Jerusalem in was Avraham Tzoref in...1851. Before the founding of a political movement, Zionism, to return Jews to the historic homeland illegally conquered, occupied and settled by Arabs who invaded the area in 638, Jews were killed and it went on before and during the Mandate which the League of Nations recognized that Jews had, Article 5, a right that their immigration should be facilitated and further, the Mandate power "shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes."

In 1920, Arabs rioted. And in 1921. And in 1929. And during 1936-39. Over 700 hundred Jews were murdered, many horribly.  In a prequel, Arabs claimed Jews wanted to destroy the Haram compound.  A campaign of ethnic cleansing was under way as thousands of Jews who had lived for centuries in areas now termed the "West Bank" (after in 1950 Jordanians (a people created in 1922 when a Saudi Arabian was granted an Emirate in part of the territory originally part of the Jewish homeland was separated from the terms of the Mandate) illegally annexed the area becoming the first state to deny local Arabs their rights. Munyyaer lies; there certainly was denial before 1948.

There is so much more there.

He claims  that razing of villages "effectively wiping most of the Palestinian presence off the map."  But there seems to be enough villages and Arabs around still.

Ah, propaganda.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'Palestinian' Poet Sentenced to Death

According to MaanAshraf Fayadh was sentenced to death on Nov. 17 for "alleged blasphemous statements" which he denied.

Human Rights Watch announced

"Regardless of what Fayadh said or didn't say, Saudi Arabia should stop arresting people for their personal beliefs...The fact that Ashraf Fayadh is facing the prospect of being beheaded only adds to the outrageousness of this court ruling."

I think his alleged statements had nothing to do whether a Palestinian people exists or whether they have superior claims to Jews regarding the territory of the Land of Israel. 


Monday, November 23, 2015

Where Is Shiloh?

This new EU labeling campaign is producing some silly things.

Here is a picture accompanying a story on that German KaDeWe store's policy of boycott and its reversal:

But there is a caption:

As EG pointed out to me, that German reads:

From the city of Ramallah in the West Bank wine is exported. Such products must be labeled in future.

Shiloh is not located in Ramallah.  We're outside Palestinian Authority-supervised territory, north about 18 kilometers.   

And those cartons are from Shiloh Winery situated in Shiloh.

And the wine is superb.


The Status Quo and Arab Terror

That American Yeshiva students are killed in Eretz-Yisrael while studying Torah as has just occurred is not, unfortunately, a new phenomenon.

Already in 1929, eight Americans were murdered in Hebron and their names are:

William Zev (Wolf) Berman, Philadelphia; 
David Sheinberg (Shunberg), Memphis; 
Benjamin (Bennie) Hurvitz (Horowitz), Brooklyn; 
Harry Frohman, Chicago; 
Wolf Greenberg, Brooklyn, N.Y.;
Hyman Krasner, Chicago; 
Aaron David Epstein, Chicago; 
Jacob Wexler, Chicago. 

But did you know just how parallel a situation exists between the events of 1929 and 2015?

The 1929 riots broke out due to the Mufti fueling the flames of religious hatred based on the false claim that 'Al-Aqsa is in Danger' and that the Jews not only desired more rights at the Western Wall but also sought the rebuild the Temple.

Here are the words of Binyam Hurwitz, 19 years old, from a letter he wrote two days before he was knifed slashed and hacked to death in Hebron:

The Arabs began to realize that the Jews could  manage without upsetting the status quo, but the Arabs started to build.  They built a new gateway near the Western wall, they opened a doorway so that they could disturb the Jews, and they declared that the status quo pertained only to the Jews and not to them.  The Jews protested, but to no avail.  The Arabs began to disturb those engaged in prayer.  The British government was silent!  Only the Jews were causing trouble!  On last Thursday, youth from the Trumpeldor legion [Betar] rallied against the government regarding access to the Western Wall.  They marched to the wall and decried the Zionist leaders for their weak stand.  But they did not hit or even touch anyone.  The next day the Arabs rallied too.  But this was an entirely different protest.  They marched out of the new gate and hit Jews in the midst of prayer, tore up prayer books, and removed the notes of beseechment that had been placed in the crevices of the Wall.  The British police did nothing, not only that but they did not even permit the Jews to approach the Wall to pray.  And this is the status quo?!  Then the British issued a statement that equated the two protests!

Reads like today's news.

Palestine Bulletin, September 2, 1929:-


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

J Street Does the Green Line

Jeremy Ben-Ami's latest campaign letter appeal includes this:

The future and security of Israel as the democratic national home of the Jewish people depend on establishing a border between Israel and a new state of Palestine. There’s no other way to approach drawing the border than with the Green Line -- the only demarcation the world recognizes -- as the starting point.

And there's a web site.

The Green Line demarcation was not quite so recognized.

It was infiltrated constantly.

It was but a cease-fire line, where the armies stopped fighting in early 1949.

The armistice agreements were never fully observed.

The Green Line was dangerous and provides Israel with no strategic depth.

Why should Israel yield on this matter so that J Streeters can feel comfortable living in...America?


A 'Who Wrote This?' Quiz

Who wrote this?

I joke to my friends that six years in jail will still leave me a whimpering’s hard enough working on explaining an occupation to the outside, without having to fight from within for everything…from getting your work travel cheque reimbursed to asking serious questions about the financial management of work places.

New York Times' Diaa Hadid.



'Gone With The Wind' and Fascism

As we all should know

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" 

is a line from the 1939 film Gone with the Wind starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. The line is spoken by Rhett Butler (Gable), as his last words to Scarlett O'Hara (Leigh), in response to her tearful question: "Where shall I go? What shall I do?"

But I discovered this:

the Italian comparable phrase, which is me ne frego, meaning 'I don't give a damn'  was the motto of the Italian fascist militia during the 1930's.  The Blackshirts – the Fasci di Combattimenti were usually ex-soldiers and it was their job to bring into line those who opposed Mussolini. It was the Blackshirts who murdered the socialist Matteotti – an outspoken critic of Mussolini. The motto of the Blackshirts was “Me ne frego” (I do not give a damn”).

From Mussolini's treatise:

... Fascism carries this anti-pacifistic attitude into the life of the individual. "I don't care a damn" (me ne frego) - the proud motto of the fighting squads, the Squadrista, - scrawled by a wounded man on his bandages, is not only an act of philosophic stoicism, it sums up a doctrine which is not merely political: it is evidence of a fighting spirit which accepts all risks. It signifies new style of Italian life. The Fascist accepts and loves life; he rejects and despises suicide as cowardly. Life as he understands it means duty, elevation, conquest; life must be lofty and full, it must be lived for oneself but above all for others, both near bye and far off, present and future.



Sunday, November 15, 2015

April 1936: How Did It Start, Mr. American Consul-General?

According to the US Consulate-General Leland B. Morris, who wrote back to Washington on the first month of what was to be a three-year terror campaign by Arabs against the British Mandatory regime and the Jewish community therein,

described how it started

but did manage to include how Arabs killed Jews before they walked into a 'crowd of irresponsible Arabs'

Isn't that a bit backward?