Saturday, February 18, 2017

How Many Words Is This Picture Worth?

Found at the MyIsrael FB page.

It shows a snap by Yechezkel Blumstein

The soldier is located at Charesha.

Where is Charesha?

It is in the western section of the Binyamin regional council, in the Talmonim Bloc.

And it is 40 kilometers from Tel Aviv:

That's why demilitarization of any Arab entity is an essential demand of Israel if any possible solution is proposed.   And why its rejection by Abbas and crew is a non-starter for Israel.


If Only My Shiloh Had Villas


Welcome to Shiloh Villas... A special community designed especially for adults 55 & better. Clusters of ranch-style homes invite you into your very own neighborhood, surrounded by trees and lush landscaping. You can enjoy the many benefits of community living without sacrificing your independence. Shiloh Villas will not only meet your expectations, it will exceed them and, best of all, fit your budget. (Income restrictions do apply.) See for yourself the quality of construction, amenities, landscaping and management at Shiloh Villas. Then take a look at the price. You'll find no better rental value for seniors anywhere in the north Dayton area. Come see Shiloh Villas Apartments... Trotwood, Ohio .

Just north-west of Dayton.


It Was More Than 100 Years of Anti-Semitism at the State Department

At 1:34-35 into the confirmation hearing of David Friedman, this was said by Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey):


That should have been "more than 100 years".

Consider this, about Selah Merrill

he was an anti-Semite, opposed to Jewish immigration and settlement in Palestine, he was as good as a sworn enemy to the Yishuv. Indeed, he would famously conclude that "1. Palestine is not ready for the Jews. 2. The Jews are not ready for Palestine." What the Jews wanted, he believed, wasn’t land to colonize, but cities "where they can live on the fortunes or the misfortunes of other people." He even felt that there must have been some hidden justification for the persecution of the Jews in Russia, or that government would not have been so anxious to get rid of them. The effects of this anti-Semitism, unfortunately, were vast: because his first term as consul (1882-84) coincided with the beginnings of Jewish agricultural settlement in Palestine, Merrill’s prejudice would help shape the State Department’s antagonistic attitude to the Jewish people in the Holy Land.


Selah Merrill, having held the post of U.S. Consul at Jerusalem for almost three decades – appointed by three Republican presidents – is here installed in that position for the last time by President McKinley. Added to Merrill’s record of longevity, is this dubious distinction: he is generally considered the greatest reviler of the Jews to ever occupy the post of consul at Jerusalem.

And this, that

his views on Jews in then Palestine whose "combination of acute interest in the ancient Hebrews and intense disdain for their modern descendants bears examination...Merrill’s case is especially intriguing because his attitude towards Jews had political consequences. With the advent of Zionism, these ambivalent attitudes affected the consideration of Jewish claims..." 

That was from Shalom Goldman's study which includes also this: “The Jew needs to learn that his place in the world will be determined by what he can do for himself, and not so much by what Abraham did for himself four thousand years ago. It has a most mischevious effect to be always associating the modern Jews with eminent men and deeds in the remote ages of the past.”* So wrote Selah Merrill, U.S. Consul in Jerusalem, in a report on Palestine. Merrill felt impelled to include in his report a long section entitled “Jews and Jewish Colonies in Palestine” in response to the Blackstone Memorial of 1891, which petitioned President Benjamin Harrison to support the convening of an international conference to discuss Jewish claims to Palestine. The Blackstone Memorial had over four hundred prominent signatories, the vast majority of them Protestants; for many of them the contemporary Jews were the natural heirs of the ancient Hebrews: “Why not give Palestine back to them again? According to God’s distribution of nations, it is their home, an inalienable possession, from which they were expelled by force.” 1

It was just such restorationist sentiment that Merrill so vehemently opposed. His report calls the memorial “one of the wildest schemes brought before the public.” It is the “character and habits of the modern Jews” that will doom their Palestine settlement efforts to failure. According to Merrill, the originators of the petition “appear to be ignorant of two great facts, (1) that Palestine is not ready for the Jews and (2) that the Jews are not ready for Palestine.”

And this list from a German language research paper:

This is in addition to this evidence from the text of a note from Secretary of State Robert Lansing to President Woodrow Wilson in 1917 opposing the US's endorsement of the Balfour Declaration.



See now Caroline Glick's piece on institutionalized US anti-Semitism and especially Senator

Menendez’s antisemitic behavior at Friedman’s confirmation hearing and to the general problem of antisemitism in America.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Adding Zeroes to Zionism and Israel

No, not negative zeroes.

Monetary zeroes.

I'll be attending tomorrow, Thursday February 16, the world’s largest equity crowdfunding conference.

There'll be over 17,000 accredited investors on the platform with $400M invested to date in platform, 110 companies and five funds.

It's reported that the largest funding momentum coming from Asia/Pacific region.

But what's more important are the products which include pioneering investments in new areas including Machine Learning, Robotics, Agtech, SportsTech, Digital Health and Space.

Israel's ability to help mankind is amazing.

And it's all the initiative of OurCrowd, the leading global equity crowdfunding platform.

There'll be 6,000 guests from 82 countries at its OurCrowd Global Investor Summit. 

The event takes place all day this Thursday, February 16th, 2017, at the International Convention Center (ICC), Binyenei HaUmah.

“This is by far the largest equity crowdfunding conference in the world, and Israel’s largest investor event ever,” said Jon Medved, OurCrowd founder and CEO. “We have twice the number of attendees that we had last year, giving proof to the tremendous vitality and dynamism in the global equity crowdfunding market.”

The theme of the Summit is “The Future is Here” and includes over 60 booths demonstrating a variety of frontier technologies already changing the world, including industrial drones, companion care robots, miniature spectrometers to “google” everything, tracking devices with centimeter accuracy, phone based glucose monitors, and much more.

Over 200 multinational corporations are expected.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

He's 'Uber-Wrong'

At Twitter, I put this up:

Please Call Your Senator To Support Trump’s Pro-Israel Nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman …

Then ‏@UberPollster posted:

@ymedad, please call your Senator and have them request that David Friedman retracts his Anti-Semitic statements and apologizes.

I replied

.@UberPollster Am surprised even in jest you use that terminology,especially with handle of "Uber". Beinart & Co. channel real antiSemitism.

And it continued:

@ymedad no jest there. Friedman comments reprehensible. If establishment rightists had any integrity they would oppose until he retracts.

@UberPollster nope. Kapos at least had Nazis lording over them.
Progressives do it of their own free will.

@ymedad another Anti-Semitic comment disparaging other Jews because they have a different vision of Israel than you. The 3rd Exile is coming

.@UberPollster sorry. you can repeat a falsehood but it won't stick.
I hope your polls are better fact-based.

@ymedad  dont know what falsehood you are referring too. You made a number of accusations and disparaging remarks towards others, I didnt.

@UberPollster no I didn't. you slightly misquoted Friedman's remarks as anti-Semitic. not kapos:
"smug advocates of Israel’s destruction"

For the record, here are Friedman's words:

“Finally, are J Street supporters really as bad as kapos? The answer, actually, is no. They are far worse than kapos – Jews who turned in their fellow Jews in the Nazi death camps. The kapos faced extraordinary cruelty, and who knows what any of us would have done under those circumstances to save a loved one? But J Street? They are just smug advocates of Israel’s destruction delivered from the comfort of their secure American sofas – it’s hard to imagine anyone worse.”

He actually does not directly call J Streeters 'kapos' but, in comparing the circumstances, thinks that acting out of free will and from relative comfort, their harmful actions are worse.

And in that piece, he levels an accusation of harshness at President Obama:

any public figure who finds it difficult to condemn it as such without diluting the message with geo-political drivel is engaging in “blatant anti-Semitism.”

To clarify my own thinking, I do not think using Nazi-era vocabulary is a particularly wise or correct tactic.  I personally think Arab terrorists are usually worse than Nazis: have you ever read of a Nazi committing suicide to kill Jews? 

Charging Mr. Friedman with "anti-Semitism" is simply incorrect, uber-wrong.


Monday, February 13, 2017

America and Israel's 1949 Geography


767N.901/12–1549: Telegram
The Chargé in Jordan (Fritzlan) to the Secretary of State
Amman, December 15, 1949—10 a. m.secretpriority421. Legtel 418 December 12. 
Yesterday evening I had hour and half talk with Samir Pasha Rifai re results fourth meeting with Israelis held Shuneh Tuesday nite presence King.
Following questions listed for discussion and trend talks as follows according Samir:
1.Territorial settlement including Jordan access Mediterranean.2.Jerusalem.3.Tulkarm triangle (approved for separate discussion after Israeli opposition).4.Israeli road link along west shore Dead Sea connecting potash works.5.Application British treaty Arab Palestine.6.Present and future treaty obligations both parties (this inserted request Israel and aimed Jordan obligations under AL charter).

First question passed over on insistence Israelis (desiring doubtless test extent Jordan concessions before revealing their hand access to sea) but on Samir’s condition it be discussed before meeting ended as it was crucial question.

Be Jerusalem, Israelis demanded change line afford them contiguity of territory with Jew quarter and Wailing Wall in old city and with Mt. Scopus institutions. Samir recognized reasonableness former and King readily assented but Samir stated Jordan could not consider latter but would be willing guarantee free access. This of course predicated on conclusion general agreement which would change line giving Jordan Nablus, St Pauls and Bethlehem roads and territory east and would provide compensation for certain Arab quarters. Such arrangement seemed in general satisfactory to Israelis.

First, free access was never granted even though it was part of the Armistice Agreement signed, see Article VIII

Second, awarding to Jordan the streets of "St. Paul's", today Shivtei Yisrael, and Bethlehem would have been a debacle and more of a constant security threat than what was during the 19 years of the illegal Jordanian occupation.

Third, the territorial demand of a land access corridor across the Negev illustrates just how crazy some geographical demands can be and how easily America was willing to facilitate such an idea, to Israel's detriment.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Holy Holy Chocolate

As announced:

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Winners of the 2016 World Final, which was judged during Chocolate Week in London, 6 – 12 October 2016 and announced live at The Chocolate Show, 6pm, Friday 14 October 2016.

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars:Bronze: Holy Cacao Chocolate (Israel) – 70% Madagascar

High % plain/origin dark chocolate bars (85% and over):Gold: Holy Cacao Chocolate (Israel) – 100% Cacao

Do you like or even crave good chocolate?

Pnei Hever 90420, Israel


Um, Those Ummayads Are Where?

The Umayyad Caliphate was the second of the four major Arab caliphates established after the death of Muhammad. 

This caliphate was centred on the Umayyad dynasty, hailing from Mecca...after the end of the First Muslim Civil War in AD 661/41 AH. Syria remained the Umayyads' main power base thereafter, and Damascus was their capital. The Umayyads continued the Muslim conquests, incorporating the Caucasus, Transoxiana, Sindh, the Maghreb and the Iberian Peninsula (Al-Andalus) into the Muslim world. 

The Dome of the Rock was built by the Ummayads. 

However, the Hashimiyya movement, led by the Abbasid family, overthrew the Umayyad caliphate by 750...Their campaign was framed as one of proselytism (dawah)...Around 746, Abu Muslim assumed leadership of the Hashimiyya in Khurasan. In 747, he successfully initiated an open revolt...In January 750 the two forces met in the Battle of the Zab, and the Umayyads were defeated. Damascus fell to the Abbasids in April...

By the way, 

The victors desecrated the tombs of the Umayyads in Syria, sparing only that of Umar II, and most of the remaining members of the Umayyad family were tracked down and killed. When Abbasids declared amnesty for members of the Umayyad family, eighty gathered to receive pardons, and all were massacred.

This behavior sound familiar?

But that is just historical backdrop for tonight I read this item

and that picture just didn't look correct.  Sparse countryside.  Construction not quite what I know.

These are the correct Ummayad structures right next to the Temple Mount:

Seen this way, it is quite obvious why they should be considered part of the 'Holy Basin' concept (which originated with the British before during their Mandate period) but only during the Israel-Palestine peace talks held at Camp David in 2000 was it first introduced as an idea of a special regime for the Old City and environs. The term "Holy Basin" was first coined in the 1970s by Arthur Kutcher, a planner with the Jerusalem Municipality. Ruth Lapidot acknowledges also Uri Tzvi Greenberg for conceptualizing that vision.

In any case, that Arab media picture is way misleading.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Jews at War with Jews

Who wrote a book on the life of Muhammed whose main theme was Mohammed's religiously based campaign to destroy the Jews of Arabia, a book that was serialized in 1941 in a Bosnian Muslim paper, Muslimanksa svijest (Muslim Awareness), and most certainly motivated local Muslims to become susceptible on a religious basis to the Mufti's later efforts to recruit a Bosnian Muslim Division to fight in the German SS?

A Jew, Lev Nussimbaum, who converted to Islam in his teens.  

More material.

(thanks to Boris Havel, here footnote 61. more here).