Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Right to Chastise

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that one Reinhard Mueller claims that ancient writings have declared him the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and left him in charge of their future.

He's quoted as saying

I hold a spiritual office. With it comes my authority over the destiny of the Jewish people. I am not allowed to hate Jews, nor advocate their murder. But I have the right to chastise them. That is my right. It comes with the office I hold.

Who is Mueller you ask?

Mueller, 62, is on trial for operating an anti-Semitic website called Federation of Free Planets that denied the Holocaust and described Jewish persons as "sub-humans" and "demons." The site also claimed Jews are responsible for creating the Ebola and AIDS viruses, the collapse of the World Trade Centre towers and the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Well, at least he's on trial.

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Anonymous said...

Jewish people recognize authority when they see it. This person's authority claim they recognize, and therefore remain silent. There is a kinship between Mr. Sentana-Ries and the Jews dating back 2400 years, and Jews in general can discern it without consciously knowing why. It behooves them to heed what this man has to say. He just may be a prophet to them, as he claims.