Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Did Johnny Cash Like to Eat?

Johnny Cash, revivalist Christian under it all, had a strange appetite.

Here's what his son has revealed:-

John Carter said that in the early eighties his parents would spend a quarter of their time in the city, and, as the youngest child, he often got to come along. “They had an apartment at 40 Central Park South. They’d come here at the end of tours, just to rest. We’d go to plays and we’d eat a lot. Probably the No. 1 thing was the Carnegie Deli: they’d always order lox, cheese blintzes, and matzo-ball soup.”

Well, lordy lord.

But then, he always was a strong supporter of Israel:-

A frequent visitor to Israel, Cash released an album in 1968 titled "The Holy Land" which dealt with his love of the country. The lyrics to one of the songs on that album, "Come to the Wailing Wall," speak movingly of the strong connection he felt:

"Shout it across the mountain/Shout it cross the sea/We have been delivered/Israel is free/Come to the Wailing Wall...

"Bring the lost ones homeward/Lead them to this shore/The city gates are open/Heaven's blessing o'er/Come to the Wailing Wall..."


Soccer Dad said...

Two recently departed American singing legends were quite pro-Israel. The other one was Ray Charles.

YMedad said...

that I didn't know. But I did see Bob Dylan when he first came to the Kotel. He was walking down David Street, the main shuk 'drag' and I was going up.

Liz said...

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