Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rational Thinking (not)

Found this excerpt here:

I am a victim of state violence. My natural and civil rights as a mother have been violated and are violated because I have to fear the day my son would reach his 18th birthday and be taken away from me to be the game tool of criminals such as Sharon, Bush, Blair and their clan of blood-thirsty, oil-thirsty, land thirsty generals.

The lady in question lost her daughter to Arab suicide bombers in Jerusalem's Ben-Yehuda Street and blames Bibi, her childhood friend for the death. She's the daughter of General Matityahu Peled who was an MK in the joint Arab-Israeli List for Change party. I know her husband well, Rami. He went to Ramallah a few years back to donate blood.


Eugene Weixel said...

I thought Nurit Peled-Elhanan was not only right but an exemplary human being. I was proud to reproduce her comments and I'm glad you're doing the same.

YMedad said...


As a person, she's fine. I have seen her but not discussed any politics with her. Her husband is almost a good friend and in everything but politics we're okay. I just don't like the blaming of Israel for all the Arab hate and murder.