Monday, November 20, 2006

A Great Idea

EG called my just now from London with a brilliant, or as the Brits say, a really clever idea.

Israel is facing a new problem:-

Israel halted an airstrike against the house of a suspected Palestinian militant in Gaza over the weekend, after the family ignored a warning from the Israeli military and neighbors flocked to the house in numbers to prevent the bombing.

On Sunday, hundreds of Palestinians, including the Palestinian prime minister, manned the house outside - on balconies and the roof - throughout the day. They declared a victory for "popular resistance" as Israel, under criticism for killing civilians in such strikes, called it another example of Palestinians using civilians to shield military activity...But Palestinians celebrated it as a possibly potent new defense against air raids that Israel may find difficult to counter.

The strike was aimed against the house of leaders of the militant group the Popular Resistance Committees...The military spokesman said the attack on the house was called off late Saturday after a routine telephone warning to evacuate the house was ignored. "We didn't want to harm civilians," he said.

Well, EG suggests, why not have the army simply begin calling up different potential locations to warn about an upcoming airstrike, starting at one a day and then working it up to two and three a day.

The result?

Hundreds of Arabs running around like, as we say, chickens without a head. Rushing about, getting tired, getting bothered.

Within a few days, we should have the problem solved.


A comment I received from US:-

Winkie, I just got out of the car after hearing a BBC radio interview with the human shielders and thought of exactly the same idea. Also as it’s mainly women, if they’re out all night protecting these animals perhaps the birth rate will go down!



Joe Settler said...

Good idea actually!

Marcel said...

The U.S. president would not tolerate this deception against his moderate Palestinian's as this would also endanger his peace plan.
The Road Map must not be endangered by an Israel victory over moderate Islamic terrorists in Gaza.
Olmert Peretz & Halutz will do very little against Gaza to end the minor problem of a few dead Jews by kassems.
They are more concerned about getting on the bad side of their boss and they understand the president's direct order of restraint while his Abbas/Hamas partners build up for the final push.
You must admit that Olmert is a very loyal and obedient leader.
He quickly obeyed the U.S. & French led ceasefire agreement which came to the rescue of Hezbolah in Lebanon.
Yes ,this puppet / lap dog ,Olmert is a loyal servant to his master.
One thing about Israeli leaders,they all know where and who to bow down to.
They just can't say no.
Netnayahu was another loyal lap dog ,loyal to superpower globalist leader,Billy,a close cousin of George.
I think Yitzak Shamir was the last Israeli leader with the guts to say no ?
There does seem to be an over abundance of spineless political cowards who love to prostrate and sell out the nation to foreign liars who sell illusions.

Olah Chadasha said...

Excellent ideas. Great thinking outside the box. Too bad our military elite have lost that ability.