Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Very Unfair Consulate Survey

Please study the document below.

It is page three of a three-page survey and it it distributed to those who come to the American Consulate on Nablus Road in Jerusalem.

Okay, you've read it.

Now, imagine you are an Arab. Well, at question 8 you'll most probably check "yes". After all, how is anyone at the Consulate going to check if you've made a true or false statement?

Question 9, you'll take a chance and note the third choice, at least 3 checkpoints.

Question 10, you'll check that it was "very difficult" for you to travel to the Consulate. Why not?

And then, these surveys are collected and once a year, they make their way into the U.S. Human Rights report or they'll be used to confront Israeli officilas. Or Condi Rice can say with impunity that there is daily humiliation of "Palestinians". [“I believe that there could be no greater legacy for America than to help to bring into being a Palestinian state for a people who have suffered too long, who have been humiliated too long...]

See how easy it can be to fool everybody?

I don't think this is fair.

And if anyone in the consulate can correct me, I'd appreciate it. And I'll do it without revealing your identity.



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Attn: Spokesperson – US Consulate 02-5610325

Re: Question about survey form used in the Consulate, 19.11.06

Kindly clarify why the survey form (see attached) does not ask questions relating to factors that impact on the ability of Jewish Americans residing in the West Bank to partake in the services of the Consulate (questions relating to security on the roads between the Consulate and their communities).

Best regards,

Dr. Aaron Lerner


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Here are some other questions they should have asked:

Have you or your vehicle ever been been attacked by terrorists near the consulate?

Do you feel safe going to the consulate?

Does the Consulate's neighborhood make you feel unfcomfortable?

Does Israel do it's utmost to ensure you can get to the consulate safely?

Batya said...

How about...
Have you been attacked by Arabs?

I couldn'tsee the pages to read the questions.