Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Madonna's Kabbalah Problems Now

It's reported that Madonna has additional problems:-

Rabbi Berg, the most senior kabbalah member and her spiritual leader, has instructed her that the ongoing mudslinging and prospect of a court battle between the sect's two most high-profile members could badly damage its image.

Berg has now given Madonna a 24-hour deadline to come back to him with a plan to mediate towards a swift divorce resolution using a round-table of kabbalah leaders chaired by him.

...Madonna however is said to be torn with the idea, thinking that if they go to kabbalah mediation at this point, she will be persuaded to part with a substantial amount of her wealth and also may lose out in having to give Guy a larger share of custody of their son Rocco, seven, and David, three.

...The demand by Rabbi Berg comes just a day after we revealed how the divorce took a sudden acrimonious downturn with them both demanding their army of household staff to testify against the other.

I knew nothing good could come out of Madonna's infatuation with Kabbalah.

Here she is on Oct. 25 at the Kabbalah Center:

See the Sephirot symbol?

For example:

The 50-year-old singer's life was so regimented, he said, that even their time in the bedroom was meticulously planned for weeks in advance - something which took all of the thrill out of it for him.

...A source close to the couple said: 'With her time being so precious to her, and with there being more important things to her like spending three of four hours in the gym every day, it become just another thing in the diary. In the last couple of years, it was all schemed into the diary.

'Guy of course felt this a tremendous turn-off to be at the same level of importance as, for example, her gym sessions and Kabbalah meetings.

'As a consequence, their sex life died more than a year ago. It is no exaggeration to say that they had not shared a bed in a year when the divorce was announced. And when the sex died for them, the marriage was doomed.'

But as anyone Jewish knows, scheduling has always been a staple of a traditional Jewish family life.

Of course, if she didn't go to the mikveh...

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