Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another Fiscal Approach to The Pal. Boycott

But a lot of columnists and reporters from the friendly pro-Israel camp are missing the point about the PLO announcing that it is boycotting products that are made in “settlements.” Zionist commentators are screaming in rage.

Wrong position!

The Zionist position should be that not only do we support the “Palestinians” in choosing not to buy any products made by Jewish “settlers,” but that we will help them by prohibiting altogether sales of anything at all by any Jewish Israelis (all of whom are “settlers” in the opinion of the Pestilinians.)

Instead of fighting the “Palestinian” boycott of Israel, Israel should help them by making it mandatory!

That was a commercial message brought to you by Steve Plaut.

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Anonymous said...

Israel's indignation at the boycott is absurd. What we should be doing is firing all the Palestinian workers summarily. This will make it impossible for the "industrialists" of Mishor Adumim, to make profits by using Palestinian workers to make products to sell to Palestinians. My heart bleeds for them, nebech-bebech. I would also block sales of Palestinian products in Israel. But not sales of goods made by Jews--in Mishor Adumim or Tel Aviv--to the Pals. Why not take their money and increase their balance of payments difficulties? We could also ration their credit from Israeli banks. But we won't do any of this because we have to keep up appearances with Obama.