Monday, October 31, 2011

3400 Years Ago in Jerusalem

Last year, we were informed that

A one square inch fragment of a clay tablet believed to be a letter written by Abdi-Heba, the Canaanite ruler of Jerusalem to pharaoh Akhenaten has been found outside the old walls of the ancient city. Thought to date back some 3,400 years, this would make it the most ancient written document ever found in the Holy City...

And now:

Amarna Letters now online

High-resolution images of the famed Amarna letters, the ancient 14th-century B.C. diplomatic correspondence between the New Kingdom pharaohs of Egypt and the kings of various Canannnite city-states, among others, have been placed online by Berlin’s Vorderasiatisches Museum, which houses more than 200 of the total of over 300 tablets that define the ancient corpus.

Among the images are those representing letters written by Abdi-Heba, king of Canaanite Jerusalem, to the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. In that correspondence the Canaanite king, allied with Egypt, requests the Pharaoh to send troops to Jerusalem for the defense of the city against other threatening Canaanite kings. In other correspondence, King Biridiya of Megiddo complains about the King of Gezer’s attacks on his territory and attempts to improve his status with the Pharaoh...

No "Palestinians", though.



Jeff Dunetz said...

those ancients were a bunch of whiners

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter now. Israel is fucked.

“Yet contemporary Israel is a transplant in the region that needs mutually respectful relations with its other peoples to assure long-term survival. It is now clear beyond a reasonable doubt that we Americans do not have the will or the self-confidence to help Israel achieve this.”

So much for eternal homeland

“‘Israel will be increasingly ostracized, boycotted, and prosecuted internationally for its scofflaw behavior, racist policies, and daily violence and intermittent pogroms against Palestinians. The United States will suffer correspondingly from guilt by our continuing close association with Israel.”

“Israelis played a major role in creating the adverse circumstances in which they now find themselves. They must now make their own peace with Turkey, sustain their own relations with Egypt and Jordan, and find their own basis for coexistence with Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, among others. They must craft their own modus vivendi and achieve their own reconciliation with Palestinians and Lebanese, whom they have heretofore treated with contemptuous cruelty and disrespect.”

“For a long time, we have acted as the enablers of self-injurious Israeli behavior. This has made it possible for Israel to choose land over peace, to corrupt its democracy, to deviate from the core values of its official religion as understood by Jews abroad, to empower racism and bigotry among its Jewish majority, and, most recently, to humiliate the president of the United States while extracting twenty-nine kowtows from Congress.”

“Not a few Israelis will conclude that the United States, not Israel, is the only secure domicile for the world’s Jews. Jewish emigration from Israel will accelerate. The United States will gain many desirable new citizens as a result”

YMedad said...

quoting Chas. that is rich. the bum couldn't keep his job because he was so biased and prejudicial.

ha ha

Juniper in the Desert said...

The palarabs were still in arabia, making fires out of camel dung, plaiting their hair with butter and raiding, raping and pillaging from each other! (7 Pillars of Wisdom)

barcelona said...

Here, I do not really suppose this will have effect.