Friday, October 28, 2011

All Quiet on the West....

Review these stats:-

Palestinian casualties by Israeli forces

Killed this week: 0
Killed in 2011 vs. same period in 2010: 9 vs. 13

Injured this week: 21; 10 in a demonstration
Of whom were children: 1
Injured in 2011 vs. same period in 2010: 1,223 vs. 995

All quiet on the western bank?



Thom said...

What point are you making here?

YMedad said...

are Arab injuries and fatalities a result of evil and mean IDF/BP personnel who just for the heck of it seek to hurt Arabs or is it a result of Arab actions?

and if the numbers are low, are they low for the entire year?

and if they are low for a significant period of time, is the "occupation" truly "oppressive"?

Thom said...

Is physical injury the only indication of an oppressive regime?

YMedad said...

but this isn't an oppressive regime and Arab terror preceeded 1967 so your line of debate is disengenuous.