Sunday, October 30, 2011

So, Who Was Arrested?

Who is this?

Seems to have occured at this event.


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Anonymous said...

I took these pictures right after the episode, didn’t actually see what happened. But, Fern Sidman apparently did. Here is a quote from her article that’s linked at the bottom of this post:
“Julian Rappaport, one of the demonstrators engaging with passers-by at the university’s gate, contended that the anti-Israel conference inside was not an expression of free speech, but “to give only one, incorrect side of the picture.
Columbia has the responsibility to be more critical of what’s going on.” During a heated confrontation with an SJP member, who called for “the complete obliteration of the racist Zionist entity,” Mr. Rappaport was arrested by police for
allegedly kicking the student and was charged with disorderly conduct. He was released soon thereafter and returned to the demonstration.”

The young man who may that offensive statement , calling for the ” obliteratiion of the Zionist entity”, is in the next picture right after the handcuffs. He’s in shorts and is talking to the officer.