Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The J Street Clap

No. I was not referring to any disease, communicable or otherwise. Although some may think this item sick:

J Street Applauds Inclusion of Palestinian Aid in Appropriations Package

J Street welcomes the inclusion of language providing for continued US assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the FY2012 appropriations package introduced yesterday in the House...said Dylan Williams, J Street’s Director of Government Affairs.

The appropriations bill allows aid benefitting the PA to continue so long as the Palestinians do not obtain full membership or the same standing as member states in additional United Nations entities...“It is gratifying to see a bipartisan consensus emerge in support of continuing US assistance to the PA at this critical moment, as well as increased recognition of its vital role in protecting Israel and the United States’ essential interests in a stable Palestinian government,” added Williams.

Numerous Israeli and American security experts have drawn a direct link between continued Palestinian security assistance and Israel’s own security...J Street supports funding such programs at the substantial levels of recent years.

Yes, this has been relatively a good year for non-terror and obviously, the better the cooperation, the better the results.

Of course, if the terrorists are coming out of the ranks of the PA security forces, if the PA continues to incite, if the PA does not encourage educational programs for peace and coexistence, is the training the US is providing - and for which the money goes - actually making a better terrorist in the future?

Does US tax dollars also go for sensitivity training? Or is it just "security" without peace?

I have been quite critical of the 'Dayton Force' at this blog and am not convinced that this "security" being developed will be in the long-term that beneficial without the attending factors I've mentioned.

And, of course, if the PA is a bad boy, is aid reduced, even in mid-budget?


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