Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adele - Jews Lack Citizenship Identity

Adele, the big-voiced British singer-songwriter-guitarist, spoke a highly insensitive ethnic slur while trying to joke with the crowd during her show at Massey Hall in Toronto in 2009.

She was telling a story about how she had bought two guitars from “a rude Toronto pawn-shop owner” earlier in the day. “He wasn’t Canadian — he was Jewish,” she said, before realizing that statement was incredibly offensive to Jews in the audience, including my daughter, her friend and the friend’s father.

In a statement later released by Columbia Records, the singer said: “I sincerely apologize for being so naive and disrespectful! It was not my intention to be hurtful and I’m very sorry.”...

...This was a disgraceful comment, and it’s a clear reflection of Adele’s true feelings about Jewish people. A half-baked apology doesn’t change that.

Ironic, isn’t it, that Karl Lagerfeld’s foolish and offensive comment that Adele is “a little too fat” has received so much attention, when Adele’s own racist slur did not.

Ronna Rubin, Toronto.




Juniper in the Desert said...

Shared. I wonder what her new boyfriend who is Jewish and has just given her a diamond ring, thinks!!

Anonymous said...

Well she wasn't known worldwide at that time so the media didn't make it a big deal. I do believe she sicerely apologize. and as far as Saying that it shows her true reflections towarsd Jewish people? I really don't think so. We all make stupid comments she apologize, now move on!

Anonymous said...

This incident was pretty mild, she apologized and it happened over three years ago when she was just 20, what's the point of bringing it up now? People like Eric Clapton, Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) and Gene Simmons (Kiss) have said far worse things.

tsings said...

I'm pretty sure she's actually Jewish herself- so while saying things like that are disgusting, it's quite possible that she said it out of comfort, rather than mean in, she's overly comfortable. Just an idea- it doesn't excuse it, obviously.

Anonymous said...

New is news, huh ? She did make a sincere public apology, and this is just making a big deal out of it. She obviously didn't mean it, because she apologized as soon as she said it, and then apologized again. What do you want from her ? Do you need the satisfaction of her being punished for her "sins"? I'm pretty sure you always make racial coments about non-jewish people, from how you put her down. Doesn't that put you in the same spot ?

Anonymous said...

I do not get the chatter. What is so offensive about being Jewish and being called or referred to as Jewish? Being Jewish is not about being a Jew when it is convenient, it is about embracing being a Jew and being called Jewish. The offensive issue to me is the real issue - and problem.

Anonymous said...

The person who said this:
"Being Jewish is not about being a Jew when it is convenient, it is about embracing being a Jew and being called Jewish. "

is completely missing the point. We are all immigrants, do you refuse to call certain British people British because they were Norman invaders? Of course not.

It is very insensitive and also just a completely ignorant thing to say. That said, she apologised, so relax, so is clearly fine and has no malicious intent, she is a person of love, just like we are.