Monday, November 19, 2012

Bar Refaeli Takes a Beating (UPDATED)

[see her response it update at bottom]

I had lightheartedly posted a picture of Bar Refaeli slung over with bullets.*

But now it seems, she's been criticized for not being pro-Israel, enough.

The Israeli rapper, Yoel "Subliminal" Eliasi, was upset she had displayed feelings for "both sides".

Her tweet:

: i prey for the safety of the citizens on both sides and for the day we will live in peace and harmony Amen.

Eliasi wrote:

 "עם כל הכבוד לתחת והציצי היפים שלך שאת דואגת להציג ולייצג  בכבוד על שער של כל מגזין בעולם אולי תייצגי  גם את העם שלך  (ישראל לא ארה"ב, במקרה ושכחת). תפסיקי לנסות לצאת יפת נפש  והומנית. את רק יוצאת  מזויפת וצבועה"

which translates as

"With all due respect for your lovely posterior and bosom that you display on every magazine cover round the world, perhaps for ocne you'll represent your nation which isn't America in case you forgot.  Stop being a bleeding-heart humanist.  You end up appearing false and a hypocrite."

His site.



She usually looks like this:


She responded eventually to the criticism.

"If you wish innocent people, wherever they are, security in time of war, and that is considered a sin - i'll tattoo on my forehead 'I am a sinner', will march in the streets, and no, I will not regret. Whether its a forgotten rapper who disagrees or a fired society page gossiper who tries to say something else bad.

"I've learned to ignore criticism; you can never please everyone, so do not try. But I was shocked by the reactions of people. I encountered statements of blatant nationalism, generalizations, racism and 'Best Wishes' ​​which brought me to tear. How can a society where I grew up and was educated, with history is so harsh and cruel of the Jewish people, there are people who think it's OK to hate others because of their religion? wish for death? elderly, women and children, no fault of their own, maybe, just maybe, they too hard and they yearn for peace?

"Is not it wrong that I wish the citizens of Israel, and especially the residents of the South and the soldiers splendid, our security, and yet wishing the citizens and children of Gaza innocent as not to harm you not die? I'm sorry for those of you who have trouble reading comprehension, but if I may, I should clarify: between the "I pray for peace on both sides and civilians day when we can live in peace and harmony ', and 'I pray for peace Hamas' - there is a huge difference. this is the essence of human truth on whose knees I was raised as a citizen proud of my country, and I will bequeath it to my children."

Other remarks:

"I only can be with someone who has a healthy self-esteem. If he chats me up he's in the short list," Bar revealed to German magazine In. "Most men find me intimidating, I guess. I don't consider myself to be the most beautiful woman in the world, that's just not true."

So, Subliminal is...too strong???  Too chatty?


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Ariadne said...

I thought her tweet was perfectly appropriate for a model/actress. There are plenty of other more war-like tweets and I don't think "citizens" is a category that includes terrorists, unless all Arabs there are terrorists. Even I don't think they are. Cowed - and maybe next time they won't vote for Hamas. And if Israel does its job well there won't be any Hamas or PIJ to aupport.