Monday, November 05, 2012

Do Fascism and the Left Go Together?

Peter Beinart and friends including the New Israel Fund, Haaretz, etc. have been leading a charge of "Israel's democracy is under threat" and "Israel is going fascist".

Hey guys, there is nothing like this in Israel:


SHOUTING "Russia for the Russians", "long live Breivik" and anti-immigrant slogans, thousands of ultra-nationalists have marched along the embankment of the Moskva River through the heart of the capital in an extraordinary attempt to establish their credentials as an opposition force.
It was a gathering of tribes - skinheads, soccer hooligans throwing smoke bombs, elderly men in Cossack costume, tattooed ex-soldiers, a dark collection of masked hoodies - that sent Moscow's immigrant population scuttling for cover...
The crowd, some with skulls emblazoned on their leather jackets, others with the neo-Nazi code number 88 and yet others holding aloft religious icons, lapped it up. "Putin is drinking the blood of our children" came one call. "Russia without a leader is like a Jew without the Talmud," came another.


Dressed in black shirts with faces hidden by helmets, ten men on motorbikes came to find him on a Saturday, after darkness fell. Finding the door bolted at his home in a pot-holed Athens side street, they smashed the windows, broke in and trashed the place. Then, their dirty work done, the neo-Nazi gang roared away into the hot evening. It had taken less than a minute for them to sound an ugly warning that foreigners were not welcome in dangerous are the streets for foreigners that the U.S. State Department has sent out a warning to dark-skinned American visitors that they must be careful of their safety when they leave their hotels.
A shocking internet video shows leaders of the anti-immigrant Far-Right Golden Dawn party — which has 18 MPs — marching into an ethnic street market at Rafina, an hour’s drive from Athens, destroying the stalls with wooden clubs and scattering the merchandise to the ground.

And here on Italy, france, Hungary and more.

And you dare compare these developments to Israel?

To Lieberman, to Netanyahu?


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Alan said...

The Israel Navy exists ONLY BECAUSE Mussolini allowed the Haganah to send boys to study at Italy's Maritime College.

It is a major error for Hebrew Nationalists to pick quarrels with other nationalistic movements.

If hareidim in Ukraine are having problems, the answer is to get the hareidim out of Ukraine and into the Israel Lishkat Giyus.

Any other approach is doomed to failure. As history proves.