Sunday, November 18, 2012

Elder of Ziyon Brings Down Gaza Pallywood via Reuters

Kudos to friend and fellow blogger, EOZ, whose post brought down a Reuter Pallywood effort:-



The video we aired came from the news agency Reuters and their feed to us did not include the image of the man standing.
We asked Reuters about it today.
They said they don’t know the source of the image of that man standing or when that image was shot.
They also said that they never saw or shot any similar image.
The bottom line is we cannot independently verify when the image of the man standing was taken.
There you see it at the bottom of your screen, whether it was taken before or after the other image was taken of the man being dragged away.
We obviously will not be using either of these images again.
This is not only a traditional military conflict but one that’s being waged in the media as well, and our only goal, as always, is to report the truth, the facts on all fronts and that’s why we’ve sent so many of our own reporters and producers into the field.


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