Saturday, November 03, 2012

What's Wrong with this Belly Dancer?

Dina, from this clip:

She's a bit skimpy:

More than a bit revealing:

And apparently no underwear:

But as EoZ informed us, this

belly dancer stirred a wave of anger among Shiites in Egypt as she appeared in an Egyptian movie raving to a song praising Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad...[and she was] condemned...for her performance in the film “Abdo Mouta” [considered] to be offensive and highly disrespectful to the People of the House (Ahl al-Bayt), the family of Prophet Muhammad, particularly important to Shia Muslims.

And now, we learn

The Culture Ministry confirmed Thursday that it has censored a song in the popular new film “Abdu Mouta” after Islamist groups filed lawsuits against its producer, claiming the song insulted Islam.

The song?


On Dina.

And recently:

Egyptian belly dancer Dina was left with egg on her face this week after she was turned away from the star studded wedding of soccer player Yasser Hosni. The controversial star had been offered 20,000 Egyptian pounds [about $3300] to perform at the wedding, but when she arrived at the venue on the big day the father of the groom stepped in and turned her away. He is reported to have told a bewildered Dina: “My son’s wedding will not have any ridiculous dancing, for it is a sin and I and many of my guests are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Never one to back down from a fight, the feisty dancer demanded full payment.
Unsurprisingly, Yasser was unwilling to foot the whole bill for Dina's non-performance, but he did agree to give her half the amount - not bad for a day of no work!

She went on to say that the time has not yet come for her to wear the Islamic headdress or hijab, even though she strongly believes its part of her Islamic faith


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