Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who 'Massacred' Dalu Family Members?

A Gaza source said that the target was apparently Jamal Mohammed Yassin Dalu, 50, an engineer. Dalu is likely linked to the rocket unit.


 The airstrike, which Israel’s military said was meant to kill a Palestinian militant,

Were these victims of a Hanas human-shield situation?



from Washington Embassy of Israel

 *   Hamas continues to use of dense urban areas in the Gaza Strip to launch attacks on Israeli civilians. These include near mosques, schools and hospitals. We are doing our utmost to protect civilian life in Gaza and have sent warning leaflets and text messages to Gaza civilians to move away from rocket launching areas. An Israeli pilot aborted a mission when he saw children near the target site. Israel continues to treat Gazan civilians in Israeli hospitals.

Israel made 50,000 phone calls to civilians who might be in trouble due to proximity to targets and warned.


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