Thursday, November 01, 2012

Why The Left is Unliked

And the Left in Israel wonder why some people not only do not appreciate them, but don't really like them.


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Anonymous said...

Why the left is unliked by God? Here I am against my will writing another admonition to Israel that I was suppose to write 3 weeks ago. I thought I could sidestep Israel and tell Glen Beck, but that was not the directive. Sooo...Israel their are some things you need to understand pertaining to current weather events. I was told by God two weeks before the hurricane hit New York to tell Ymedad on his blog....,why, because God knows that Ymedad is like the town crier for Israel..God said that I didn't. Now back on subject, God told me to tell you, hoping you will tell the world, he said, "GOODBYE NEW YORK". God has a message for Doomsberg, Andrea Mitchell Greenspan, and Al Gore. You just don't get it, you never will get it, and you are all incapable of telling the truth. Doomsberg is warshipping at the alter of "Gore the gargoyle" by blaming this on climate warming. You do know what a gargoyle is, don't you? Its has the horns of a demon and the tail of the dragon...they are the children of satan and the seed of the serpent. Doomsberg God wants you and your ilk to understand that the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation with its main functions being that of warshipping his son and providing protection for diaspora Jews and Israel. Under your leadership those precepts have been abandoned!!! And edict has been issued from heaven for the destruction of New York. Now I do understand God well enough to know that if you stop aborting babys, close down planned parent...hood, abandon your goulish ways, return his son to those who want to warship him, and return Gods considerations to the government entities that govern New York, it will mitigate Gods wrath. BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! So my advise to all New Yorkers is get out of Dodge while the getting is good. This Hurricane was just Gods first attack, IT WILL NOT BE HIS LAST. He is taking New York out of the game of existance. God did tell me that every time Doomsberg opens his mouth along with Gore he laughs.