Monday, February 04, 2013

Words of Wisdom - on Anti-Semitic MP Ward

What a week. It started with David Ward, the Lib Dem MP and anti-Semite. No, shut up. Yes he is. If you say ‘the Jews’ should have ‘learned the lessons of the Holocaust’ and that they clearly haven’t because of their ‘inflicting atrocities on Palestinians’ then you’re ticking every box. And he did say these things. So he is.

It’s ‘the Jews’ that rankles first, obviously. I’m a Jew. Am I inflicting atrocities on Palestinians? Me and Lenny Kravitz and Woody Allen? Oh, you cretin. But as bad, if not worse, is the shameless appropriating of the deaths and the displacement and the piles of shoes and hair for his own shabby political ends.

‘Actually, maybe Israel has learned the lessons of the Holocaust,’ you half want to say to the man, ‘which is why they don’t seek to wipe the Palestinians from the Earth, turning their teeth into jewellery and their skin into wastepaper bins, you hateful bloody dunce, you.’ But you can’t really, because that’s an insane thing to say, and you’d be down in the gutter with him and nobody wins. Nobody wins. I mean, Christ, what did he think he was doing? Does he think the Israelis have never thought about the Holocaust before? Does he think they’re going to read his horrid, eager little website and go, ‘Oh hell! I’ve just realised! That happened to us!’

Read the rest of Hugo Rifkind's piece.


I did, however, leave this there:

but why does it appear (at least, to my thinking) that such Judeaophobic remarks and sentiments are so ... natural there? So much so that even you view a perversive view of reality (the wall, Hugo, has not killed anybody, for sure during its construction, but rather was put in place due to horrific Islamist suicider-bombers who also kill Jews, especially civilians [the Fatah/Hamas terrorist organisations are probably unique in all national liberation resistance movements' history, targeting 99% exclusively non-combatants]). Actually, that imagery resonates with Jews with a more traiitonal education background as the Midrash records Pharoah using Jewish children in the construction the Hebrew slaves were forced to do. See: . I guess, though, that that is just a cultural thing that could be overlooked there in England.


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