Sunday, April 09, 2017

No Honor at U. of Arkansas

The King Fahd Center for Middle East Studies is an academic and research unit in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas, dedicated to the study of the modern Middle East and the geo-cultural area in which Islamic civilization prospered and continues to shape world history. 

It had planned a conference on 'honorcide', the Islamic cultural blight known as 'honor killings':

You'll notice that Phyllis Chesler's name is included.

But she won't be speaking.

I have been informed* that three professors protested her inclusion, a Muslim student had 'promised' there would be Muslim group protests and trouble and that there were shattered windows at the Middle East Studies Center and at the current Director's home. Police came.

Seems the center got cold feet and caved in to the newest edition of fascist storm-troopers.

Phyllis was designated an "Islamophobe". And disinvited.

The death of free speech, free thought, and intellectual diversity at yet another campus, the University of Arkansas Law School?



Official.  Prof. Chesler is off:


It was suggested to check online police reports for both the campus police and Fayetteville PD.  

I was informed that on April 8th, at 18:59, the Fayetteville Police Department has a “Code 7” on the street where the head of the Center resides.  Code 7 means “out of service for a meal break.”  However, at that street, there is no place to eat unless one has brought take-out. And why there of all places?

Since January 1, no police calls are registered in this neighbiohood.  Why would cops take a break there?

Could that be linked to a broken-window call at the home of the Center's director?

Seems to be no campus police report on broken windows.

Has there been a hush-up?


Please read this academic analysis which includes observations of the letter that got Prof. Chesler disinvited like

 stupefying polemic, its craven reasoning, and its complete disregard for academic integrity. 


The flabbiness of the thinking, the mechanical application of polemically defined definitional terms, the dogmatic assertions of closed positions, all reflect a tremendous decline in academic standards. No wonder there’s dissentophobia at King Fahd’s Center: anyone speaking intelligently would undermine the credibility of the credulous.


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rlandes said...

the pathetic spinelessness of the organizers in the face of this intimidation speaks volumes on the decline of academia in the West.